Episode 383:
It’s like we're shining this week because The Doughboys & Asexuals’ JOHN KASTNER is here! Join Damian as he sits down with the Canadian music legend to discuss his incredible journey growing up in punk. From touring America at 15, to getting letters from Bob Mould’s mom at the CBC, to GG Allin showing up for a sleepover with a box of Laxatives: this is one for the ages! Do not miss it!

Also, don’t miss the reissue of the essential “Be What You Want” by the Asexuals, coming early 2022!

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Also Touched On:

Fair Warning 

No Policy


Two clubs in town so lets his the road

Playing CBGB’s matinees 

Making connections thru Maximum Rock N Roll

Self-released on “OG Records”

Deja Voodoo opens for the Gun Club and Cramps

the UK Punk influence

being at the Montreal “Another State Of Mind” Youth Brigade show

Psyche Industries 

Touring with DOA and Minutemen

D. Boon was the sweetest

Meeting SNFU over a million dollars cash

Toronto: BFGs and art

Adrenaline OD

Reagan Youth

Giving Harley Flanagan a healthcare card 

Direct Acton

Genetic Control 

Zyklon B

Jerry’s Kids

Meeting Vinny Stigma

Kid bands

the insanity of Florida hardcore 

Making friends with the Iron Coffins MC

Boom and The Legion of Doom

A Mac truck driven through the front of the club

Meeting John Peel

Making the NME drive to Stonehenge 

90’s Quebec Punk

Bouncers having to start pits in San Diego to stop the gang from coming with chains

GG Allin showing up for a sleepover with a brown paper bag with a box of Ex-Lax



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