Episode 379:
Never Mind Tom Goes To The Mayor, Here’s Tim Comes To Turned Out A Punk! Today on the show: On Cinema, Office Hours & Tim and Eric’s TIM HEIDECKER is here to talk hating punk, but it still being his scene. Listen in as Tim & Damian discuss: Minor Threat loving drug dealers, losing band members to Digger, Weston as Allentown’s Pavement, being sketched out by Ink & Dagger, troll culture, and so much more! 


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Also Touched On:

The Ramones on rock radio

Billy Idol & Generation X

Loving the scene but hating the music

A hardcore loving drug dealer

Minor Threat in the car on the way to get beer

Liking early Green Day

Weston: Kings Of Scene

Dave Weston is PA’s Stephen Malkmus 

Having your band stolen to become Digger

The era when consumer level gear is able to produce at a pro-level

Eric: the one stop cultural shop

Opening (with videos) for the Shins  

Getting discovered by Bob Odenkirk 

“Keep them out of the writers room!”

The 709 South 6th Street Punk House

The Tim Heidecker Masterpiece 

Puss WhIp Bang Gang

The Doors on Beat Club

Cotton Candy: the tape hook up

Rockbitch: wildest band in music

“Wait til you see this!”: discovering Chris Morris' comedy

Faces Of Death

Tom Green

Derrick Beckles and TV Carnage

Smashing the Moog in 12 Tone System

Sola: the best Philly band

Built To Spill: a mutual love affair

Comedy wasn’t cool

Mr Show as a Matador Band

Making “Art”

The Influence of Dr. Demento on culture

Howeird Stern’s Weird Al cash in record

Neil Hamburger and breaking Kayfabe

Cultural curation 



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