Episode 419:
Never mind Reflex, forget Montana, worry not about Adolescent and who's Candena?! Because the great Tony Bee is here! That's right, the legendary singer of the Adolescents and the man of 1000 punk names is on the show today to talk about being a punk lifer. Listen in as Damian sits down with Tony to discuss his journey. From the origins of LA punk, to being on both sides of the LA punk/hardcore divide, to a shoot out at the Pig Children house, to using education to avoid drugs; THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

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Also touched on:

Eddie and the Subtitles invent sludge in ’81

violence at shows

Pig Children 

The Adolescents break up… for real… for the first time

The Abandoned 

Slam books: the original international social network

Jack Grisham and the mutual dislike of each other’s bands

Nearly being murdered for being a punk

Having to live by the cover of night

Cannabis vs. Booze


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