TVBS Du 30 Decembre 2023

Wade Hayes - Whiskey River.
Matt Gary - I'm Just Sayin'.
Dillon James - Walking Man.
Troy Kemp - On One Hand.
Amanda Kate Ferris - Til The Day I Die.
The Redhill Valleys - Steady The Wheel.
Katrina Burgoyne - Hubby In A Honky Tonk.
Taylor Moss - Wild Mama.
Donice Morace - One Drink In.
Jon Wood - Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow.
Justin Moore - This Is My Dirt.
Triston Marez - Hate Me Later.
Eli Mosley - Like We Only Have Tonight.
The Wilder Blue, Luke Combs - Seven Bridges Road.
Tyler Chambers - Bar Fight.
Vinnie Paolizzi - Proud Of What I Did Today.
Marcel Chagnon - I Love This Song.
Joe Nichols - Cool To Be A Fool.
Steve Azar - You Don't Know A Thing.
Wesley Dennis - Who's Counting.
Caleb And Kelsey - Bigger Houses.
Teddy Swims - Some Things I 'll Never Know (feat. Maren Morris).
Tanner Ursrey, Ella Langley - Beautiful Lies.
Zac & George - Get You Backroads.
Garth Brooks & Ronnie Dunn - Rodeo Man.
Chad Street - Everyday Heroes.
River Town Saints - Better Than You Found It.
Hayden Haddock - He Sings for Mary.
Cody Hibbard - You To Me.
Kenny Chesney - Take Her Home.
Logan Crosby - LAND.
Jenny Tolman – Timbuktu.
Lauren Watkins, Jake Worthington - Fly On The Wall.
Shaylen - Cowboys Never Cry.
Sarah Darling feat. Emily Shackelton & Jenn Bostic - Don't Let This World Break Your Heart.