Episode 11 - “We Don’t Really Learn Anything About The Future"

TV Donut takes a trip to the past with family channel's PHIL OF THE FUTURE, a classic sitcom that teaches us nothing essential about where society is heading. When Phil and his family end up stuck in the 21st century, can they (and their one, multipurpose futuristic gadget) manage to navigate the caveman era? Despite one of the wildest, most cartoony sound mixes we’ve ever heard, this show manages to be far better than we expected. Kudos to you, child actors.

The donut crew breaks down late night TV for insomniacs, brain switching machines, demolition man sex helmets, surprisingly good child actors, comparisons to “That’s So Raven,” 2004 fashion, megalomaniacal kid sisters, cliques, and what exactly constitutes being a ‘popular kid.'