You shoot me and I’ll shoot you… Pokégun!

We’ve got some new games to talk about with Dan joining in on the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown fun before trying out some Palworld along with Coleman. Also, Tim‘s been to the Toy Fair and picked up a Cat – those two things are not linked.

Time Stamps

  • 00:00:00 Start
  • 00:00:19 Intro
  • 00:00:47 Tim got a Cat
  • 00:02:48 The Toy Fair 2024
  • 00:04:34 Nestlums – The Pocket Money Pet
  • 00:11:19 Prince of Persia The Lost Crown
  • 00:21:06 Palworld
  • 00:37:39 Riot Games Lays Off 530 Staff
  • 00:42:55 Microsoft Lays Off 1,900 Blizzard and Xbox Staff
  • 00:45:21 Indiana Jones and the Great Circle First Look
  • 00:50:23 Check out our merch at
  • 00:50:59 Tabletop Tuesday at Loading Stoke Newington
  • 00:54:19 Come and talk to us!
  • 00:55:35 Outro

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