The podcast that tapes the Top 10 and then talks about it in school the next day, with Laura Snapes and Fraser McAlpine.

Week 2: The Sheeran Singularity still holds, so two weeks in, we're breaking the terms of our own podcast (a wise idea we're sure) and finding out what the charts would look like if Sheeran had to abide by regular singles rules. Our discoveries entail an early push for 2017's Song of the Summer, and further evidence that any A&R person worth their salt should be hanging out in Cornish beach bars if they want to unearth the next big thing.

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Our personal No.1s this week have been Makeba by Jain (Laura) and No Matter by Basic Tape (Fraser).

This week's further reading is the very good Michael Cragg on Charli XCX's frustrating path to pop stardom. Bye!