One summer night in 1979, 50,000 people got together at a baseball stadium to kill disco. And it worked. Kind of. In this first episode of "Undone" we meet someone who worked as an usher at Disco Demolition Night and played a vital role in keeping the spirit of disco alive today.

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Undone is hosted by Pat Walters.

This episode was produced by Julia DeWitt and Emanuele Berry. Our senior producer is Larissa Anderson.

Editing by Alan Burdick and Catlin Kenney.

Fact checking by Michelle Harris. This episode of Undone was mixed and scored by Bobby Lord. With additional music by Matt Boll.

Special thanks to … Alice Echols, Sasha Frere-Jones, AJ Cervantes, Giorgio Moroder, Bob Esty, and Jesse Rudoy for putting us onto this story. Thanks also to Renee Graham and Vince Lawrence … who made a Spotify playlist to go along with this episode.

We also have a playlist with disco songs and disco inspired tunes that were used in this episode.

Undone was conceived in collaboration with our friends at Retro Report, the documentary film series that connects iconic news events of the past ... to today. You can find them here.

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