Dead Trigger 2 is the second instalment in Madfinger Games’s zombie game series, released a year after its predecessor. Like the first part, this game still see’s you fighting an endless horde of zombies – but part 2 gives you something new; wider gameplay area. It can be said that part 2 is an upgrade from the previous version because it reaches standards in many aspects such as graphics quality and sound design. The game even receivedUnity Awards 2012 for best use of Unity graphics technology.

In 2012, a terrible pandemic turned humanity into undead creatures that spread the disease by attacking other people. The epidemicspread so fast that it defeated every medical and military facility of nations around the world. No Hope was the only organization fighting against the zombies, but they didn’t last long.

Zombies reproduced and two years later, made new zombie species that were much more powerful. Nope couldn’t handle it and was completely destroyed. Now everyone has turned into zombies except for a chosen few who have taken on different roles to try and save humanity including Medic, Engineer, Gunsmith Scientist, Smuggler. You are the main character of the game with all other humans depending on you to save them from sure death. The journey to find the cause and remedy for a global zombie plague takes you and your associates through 33 countries and 600 scenes. The storytelling of Dead Trigger 2 is excellent, with many surprises along the way that keep players fully engaged in the game.

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