Since its debut in 2012, Hay Day has been downloaded over 100 million times on the Play Store. Its allure hasn’t dimmed with time. The game’s appeal is that it simulates living on a real farm, complete with daily chores and numerous issues to solve. Hay Day is without a doubt the finest mobile farming game available. Here are the features of this game: Experience the life of a farmer

Hay Day gives you the chance to see what it’s like being a farmer. Your uncle’s farm is very old and needs lots of repairs, like abandoned fields, rotting houses, broken-down warehouses, and more. You have to start from the beginning again but don’t worry; Mr. Wicker (a straw doll) will help show you what needs to be done each day.

The game provides you with seeds as well as plots to plant them on. You will begin by planting rice, and it takes time to harvest each type of crop. One thing to keep in mind is that crops will wilt after three harvests, so you have to be strategic about when you harvest your crops. You can get rid of wilted crops on your own or with the assistance of friends or house guests. Plant a help sign next to withered plants; when someone touches them and agrees to assist, the plants will revive. You have three more harvests before you must replace the new crop. Aside from produce, you can train animals for greater financial return. Pigs, sheep, chickens, dairy cattle, horses, and goats are all available in the game right now. You’ll never have to worry about running out of crops with these cattle. That implies all you have to do is feed and care for them, and you can get goods every few hours. Items may be sold or manufactured. For example, cow’s milk and eggs may be utilized to create cakes, while wool might be used to make clothes. You can also keep pets such as cats and dogs. Pets are not only for relaxing or keeping the house; they also provide various random daily goods that allow players a lot of experience points.

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