In I’m not a Monster: Wanna Live, you play as a little girl with her pet Huggy Wuggy. Through their story, learn how to help them surmount the challenges they face. With your Prosthetic hand attached, rescue the caged character and navigate through dangerous mechanics securely.There are many rewards and levels for you still waiting to be unlocked!

I’m not a Monster: Wanna Live Mod APK is a narrative-focused game inspired by Poppy Animation. The tale begins before Huggy Wuggy becomes frightening, and you’ll learn why this figure has changed. You will follow the adventures of a young girl with two different colored prosthetic hands who attempts to rescue her toy pal Huggy Wuggy. She will encounter several obstacles on her route, and it is up to you to assist her overcome them and keep Huggy Wuggy safe. You’ll play as a young woman who’s trapped in an old mansion and must escape by using items hidden around the environment to solve puzzles. The objective is to reach the top of a 2D world, though you won’t need to control the girl much. At the same time, you must simply pay attention to the two prosthetic arms with two different hues that the lady controls since it is a tool that will help you solve several challenges encountered by this game. Furthermore, these arms have a stretch capability and can reach distant objects, allowing you to get started on your puzzle-solving adventure.

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