School Days is a life simulation game that is both unique and humorous, with the potential to entertain players who are looking for something different. One of the things that sets this game apart from others is that all of the students are prisoners. The state has decided to rebuild prisons and turn them into schools, which makes each day full of surprises and danger for the player.

School Days’ first unique feature is that everything occurs in real-time. This means that players have to make the most of every moment in school and use their time wisely to create interesting situations or develop their character. In addition, the player needs to meet all basic requirements such as sleeping, eating, studying, etc., similar to a student, and must complete everything perfectly.

The player needs to become one of the most notorious students in the school, but their goal constantly changes based on the game’s unique environment and concept. In order to achieve this goal, they need complete many tasks, interactions, assignments, and other things commonly found in a regular school. Based on their achievements over time, their progress and popularity will spread which then unlocks more hidden content throughout gameplay.

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