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Now let’s go to today’s agenda.

NFT and the community aspect of it, beyond social proof.

One thing that really struck me during our episode AMA VC #7 on NFTs with Sia Houchangnia, VC & Partner at Seedcamp, is the infinite dimension of applications and community use cases that this digital unit enables.

Indeed, beyond the simple social proof offered by the simple fact of owning an NFT, with respect to the community to which the holder of an NFT belongs, NFT is a profound revolution in the way members of a community interact allowing them to feel closer to each other.

Brands are starting to understand this and luxury is one of the sectors that see NFTs as an opportunity to renew the customer experience.

And Arianee has been opening the doors to them with its technology since 2017.

In this 🇫🇷 episode 51 of Runway Series Originals, I had the great pleasure of receiving Luc Jodet, Arianee Co-Founder.

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Available in SaaS and Open Source, Arianee technology is profoundly transforming customer relations in the Luxury and Retail sectors with brands.

The Arianee platform makes it possible to create a digital passport for each good and item, guaranteeing its authenticity, securing its resale and allowing brands to maintain a perpetual relationship with its owner and a history of its transactions, as stated by the BPI which participated in the recent € 8million post-seed round with ISAI.

In this fantastic episode, Luc looks back on

🔥 entrepreneurship and why it is for him a choice of life or even a necessity,

🔥 his passion for the (renewable) energy transition, his one-year experience in politics on this subject and the first company he founded on the “traced” renewable energy,

🔥 how he got to discover blockchain and conceived with his co-founders the Arianee project which since 2017 puts NFTs at the core of the Arianee technology

🔥 Luc also discusses the opportunity that NFTs represent for luxury brands

🔥 how Arianee dual Open Source and SaaS model is a strength

🔥 how Arianee first got financed with an ICO in 2018 to develop the Open Source protocol and then how Arianee managed to convince VCs in 2020

And many other fascinating subjects. I really want to thank Luc for this opportunity and I am sure you will love this episode. Enjoy the episode !

What do you think about this episode? What kind of early applications of NFTs have you come across before 2017 before NFTs came to light end of 2020? Leave us a comment in the section underneath this post!

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