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Before moving to the show today, quick message & offer from us.

June 1-3, 2021 was a real blast with the Runway Series Summit.I am still high two weeks later…


39 guests, 13 talks, 3 days of high level convos..

For those of you who did not get your tickets, we’ve got your covered.

We’re pulling together the 13 audio replays + detailed shownotes in English 🇬🇧 in a separate & dedicated Substack.

With promo code OFFVN50 you get 50% off on the full & exclusive access to the audio replays including the detailed shownotes (€ 15 instead of € 29) for the 13 conferences.

And now let’s go to today’s agenda.

This is an exclusive 🇫🇷 episode of Product Stories that Axel Sooriah* and I co-hosted back in October 2020 with Jean de La Rochebrochard, Managing Partner at Kima Ventures.

* Axel Sooriah is the creator of the “Product Squad” Community and host of the eponym audio show (also in videos now). He is doing a fantastic job bringing People to Product and Product People together, with a strong focus on DI&B.

What «Product Stories» is.

As usual since mid-May, we now publish a short version of each episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, while sharing with you, Venturers, the full-length one on Venture Notes!

On Product Stories, founders and VCs detail how to create high-performance products that scale, meaning that create user-centric and product-centric experiences, while excelling in distribution.

This Product Stories episode is part of a mini-series of 3 to 5 episodes which will be produced by Axel and me in a 100% opportunistic and occasional manner.

What you’ll learn in this first episode.

It's really a fascinating Product Stories episode with Jean, we were really delighted to welcome him to discuss the weight of a user-centric / product-centric culture when a VC is considering an investment.

In particular:

how a VC identifies, in a founding team, the sensitivity to the dimensions of user and product centricity

whether this culture is acquired or innate

the common traits of companies that stand out at the product level by their business model

how to recruit with a product / user centric culture, best practices

a recent example of an investment by Kima in a startup with a strong product / user centric dimension

how this culture evolves between primo and repeat founders but also from pre-seed to later stages of funding

the implementation of OKR or frameworks to set Product objectives

the “Product Led Growth” a.k.a. PLG model

geographic differences between VCs…

.. and a few other topics.

Enjoy this Product Stories episode!

Quick and sweet today ;)

Speak soon,Raph, Founder @UPCOMINGVC®

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