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Before moving to the show today, quick message & offer from us.

June 1-3, 2021 was a real blast with the Runway Series Summit.I am still high two weeks later…


39 guests, 13 talks, 3 days of high level convos..

For those of you who did not get your tickets, we’ve got your covered.

We’re pulling together the 13 audio replays + detailed shownotes in English 🇬🇧 in a separate & dedicated Substack.

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And now let’s go to today’s agenda.

This is an exclusive 🇫🇷 episode of Product Stories that Axel Sooriah* and I co-hosted back in October 2020 with Jean de La Rochebrochard, Managing Partner at Kima Ventures.

* Axel Sooriah is the creator of the “Product Squad” Community and host of the eponym audio show (also in videos now). He is doing a fantastic job bringing People to Product and Product People together, with a strong focus on DI&B.

What «Product Stories» is.

As usual since mid-May, we now publish a short version of each episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, while sharing with you, Venturers, the full-length one on Venture Notes!

On Product Stories, founders and VCs detail how to create high-performance products that scale, meaning that create user-centric and product-centric experiences, while excelling in distribution.

This Product Stories episode is part of a mini-series of 3 to 5 episodes which will be produced by Axel and me in a 100% opportunistic and occasional manner.

What you’ll learn in this first episode.

It's really a fascinating Product Stories episode with Jean, we were really delighted to welcome him to discuss the weight of a user-centric / product-centric culture when a VC is considering an investment.

In particular:

* how a VC identifies, in a founding team, the sensitivity to the dimensions of user and product centricity

* whether this culture is acquired or innate

* the common traits of companies that stand out at the product level by their business model

* how to recruit with a product / user centric culture, best practices

* a recent example of an investment by Kima in a startup with a strong product / user centric dimension

* how this culture evolves between primo and repeat founders but also from pre-seed to later stages of funding

* the implementation of OKR or frameworks to set Product objectives

* the “Product Led Growth” a.k.a. PLG model

* geographic differences between VCs…

.. and a few other topics.

Enjoy this Product Stories episode!

Quick and sweet today ;)

Speak soon,Raph, Founder @UPCOMINGVC®

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