Executive Director of Brew House Arts, Natalie Sweet, and 2023-2024 Distillery Emerging Artists in Residence, Imani Batts and Armanis Fuentes, spoke with WQED-FM about their upcoming free exhibition, Getting the Spirit Out, at Brew House Arts in the South Side, opening Thursday, May 9th at 6 pm, and running until June 22nd. Imani talks about her Get Ready With Me fashion collective that celebrates black hair and beauty salons. Armanis highlights their foray into oil-based paintings and frescos that investigate domestic work, in one instance posing a mop as a female in the nude. Natalie also talks about the Artist Panel Talk on May 30th that will feature all of the 7 artists in the exhibition, and will announce next years Artists in Residency. Lastly, Brew House Arts will host a RAD Staycation on June 15th for their annual open house! Visit brewhousearts.org to learn more.