Jesse Starcher, Robert Cooper and Mark Radulich present their Cannibal Corpse Chaos Horrific 2023 Album Review as part of the MHOD Jukebox!

Chaos Horrific is the sixteenth studio album by American death metal band Cannibal Corpse, released on September 22, 2023, by Metal Blade.

Cannibal Corpse is an American death metal band formed in Buffalo, New York, in 1988, now based out of Tampa, Florida. The band has released fifteen studio albums, two box sets, four video albums, and two live albums. The band has had little radio or television exposure throughout its existence, although a cult following began to build with the releases of their early albums, including Butchered at Birth (1991) and Tomb of the Mutilated (1992). As of 2015, they achieved worldwide sales of two million units for combined sales of all their albums. In April 2021, Cannibal Corpse received their best "first week" sales of all-time and first Top 10 on the Billboard Top Album Sales Chart as Violence Unimagined entered at No. 6 with 14,000 copies sold.

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