Mark, Jesse, and “The Invisible One” Justin Thomas come together to watch an animated film that left a traumatizing impression on many a child back in the 80’s. And that is why we are here to discuss “The Last Unicorn” as Mark felt the need to revisit it to just see if his fears were justified.

Don’t expect this to be an enlightening commentary, expect horrible humor, poor puns, and illegitimate illetaration. But if you have some time, set your internets to FUN and put us in your earholes. Here we go!

The Last Unicorn is a 1982 American animated fantasy film about a unicorn who, upon learning that she is the last of her species on Earth, goes on a quest to find out what has happened to others of her kind. Based on the 1968 novel The Last Unicorn written by Peter S. Beagle, who also wrote the film's screenplay, the film was directed and produced by Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass. It was produced by Rankin/Bass Productions for ITC Entertainment and animated by Topcraft.

The film includes the voices of Alan Arkin, Jeff Bridges, Mia Farrow, Angela Lansbury, and Christopher Lee. The soundtrack was composed and arranged by Jimmy Webb, and songs were performed by the group America and the London Symphony Orchestra, with additional vocals provided by Lucy Mitchell. The film grossed $6.5 million in the United States.

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