E6: “(What We Talk About) When We Talk About Sportsball”

A wide-ranging conversation about our current thinking and inclinations, with special guest Heather from Sound of Tomorrow!  (This episode takes place before the events of “Your Time Is So Divided.”)

In this episode we discuss being Super Sportsball fans, playing croquet by ourselves, and Drag Race. 


Topics included:

Heather is summoned, Sportsball, porn for skaters, the rules of the podcast, Heather’s Rocky Horror Story, The Le Croix Effect, veggie burgers & a cardigan, uniforms, the smell of Sportsball, running, books to read, food to eat, croquet, “just setting it up was kinda fun,” bad at cooking, “it was the best podcast ever,” Drag Race (“after that I got obsessed”), time travel Drag Race, Austin’s Drag Bus Story,  Drag / Trans culture, a scorpion in the mail and work pillow talk.