" data-large-file="" src="" alt="" width="300" height="260">E7: “We’re Technically Irrelevant”

A wide-ranging conversation about our current thinking and inclinations.

In this episode we discuss TV & film from our youth, our comics reading habits, and Generation X’s influence on storytelling.

Topics included:

Juneuary weather, Bikes & Bike culture, “That’s code for I’m not actually going to do this thing,” “a very specific kind of Grindr client,” being sick, the grim spectre of death, Night Court deep cuts,The “I don’t remember this show” Phenomena, The Power of Positive Talking-On-A-Podcast, My Secret Identity vs. The Wizard,  “the regionalisms of TV broadcasting is always completely anathema to me,” Terry Gilliam movies, DC Comics Properties, Swamp Thing, comics reading habits,  It’s A Comic Book Swap!, Manga, ParasyteTekkonkinkreet, American vs. Japanese animation standards, “that scarred a Generation,” Agnes Moorehead on Bewitched & sitcom standards, Austin mistakes House of Leaves for Leaves of Grass, Veronica Mars, the story of the baby-boomers, “we’ve got stupid facial hair and we still think Nirvana is cool,” our Stratifications of Generations and more Buffy Talk.