Episode 92 is with producer, musician and Donut Friend owner Mark Trombino. Mark has had a huge impact on the independent scene not just drumming for Drive Like Jehu but for being a producer, mixer or engineer on some of the most important records of emo. From Boilermaker, Garden Variety, Knapsack, No Knife, Rocket from the Crypt, Mineral, The Jealous Sound, Finch, The Starting Line, Weston, Motion City Soundtrack, Pinback, All Time Low just to name a few… and of course can’t forget his work with Blink-182 and Jimmy Eat World. We discuss growing up in Orange County, CA, his time in college learning how to record plus insight into many of the albums he was a part of and how his talents had to evolve as emo hit the boom in the mid 2000s. I also ask extensively about working with Jimmy Eat World and learn why “Goodbye Sky Harbor” was sixteen minutes. Finally, we spend time talking about his most recent success, Donut Friend. Mark explains how he started the store, the donut puns and the time Ian from Fugazi came into the shop. 

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