The band is celebrating 20 years of The Moon My Saddle with a few select shows and it was time to get David on. This podcast episode is a lot about redemption and letting things go as times pass. One of those is an amazing quote on The Moon My Saddle when it first came out in Alternative Press. It says “David Moore on this record makes Huey Lewis sound like the king of the Delta Blues.” Then, 10 years later, Alternative Press does a big feature/interview on the band. Some things are ahead of their time. David’s father drove his motorcycle across the United States to Los Angeles, California to try and make it as an actor. It never materialized and he came back to Indiana to raise his family. David also made that same decision after Chamberlain broke up, deciding to hang up the music and stop chasing the dream and get on with his life. It wasn’t entirely that simple as you’ll hear. We talk about David’s approach to music, the initial response to “The Moon My Saddle,” the band’s downfall and what David did after that. Also how he’s looking at the upcoming 20 year anniversary shows from that album as an adult versus the boy that first toured those songs. “If this was just about nostalgia, we are self-aware enough to know that we wouldn’t want to do it.” Not a bad way to think about it.