Lauren and I connected a few years ago and I found out she listened to the podcast! The stars aligned and we finally caught up recently to chat. 

Lauren is a massive emo fan and we chat deeply about her early days playing drums in bands around Glasgow, Scotland that helped shape who she is today.  She was in a couple killer bands before this including Boyfriend/Girlfriend and Blue Sky Archives. Both are mathy, epic and remind me of the mid 90s. Find those on Bandcamp. You should also know the other two members in CHVRCHES, Martin and Iain, were in a great post rock band called Aerogramme. Their first release, A Story in White, is epic and worth a listen.

“I think that’s how you make good music, it isn’t trying to predict the zeitgeist or follow a trend, it’s just listening to yourselves and listening to each other and making something out of that.” 

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