We welcome back Dan Didier from The Promise Ring to talk about the album “Very Emergency.” Why do you ask? Because today, September 28th, 2019 is the 20th anniversary of this album’s release on Jade Tree Records! 

To that, I wanted to find a fun way to celebrate and talk about the album. So Dan and I connected earlier this week to discuss many things including the inspiration of the album artwork, the backlash at the time, the one video they did for the album, Kim Colleta’s honest opinion of the album and also her prowess for taping NBA games on VHS, and finally we read some reviews on the album from AV Club, MTV, and Pitchfork. 

If you haven’t, you should listen to this album now, get a feel for it and take an hour as Dan and I discuss, laugh, and then laugh some more about this album, time, and how many times we had to go to the internet to remember something. 


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