We welcome again on the podcast for a 3rd time, Matt Pryor from The Get Up Kids. In this episode we discuss at length, the 20th anniversary of their album "Something to Write Home About."

Matt and I discuss the making of the record, we go track by track on stories and lyrics behind the songs and the release of the record on Vagrant. We also dive into the aftermath after it’s release and boom of emo that followed. 

We spend time reflecting the album’s lasting impact with fans and the band that continues to this day. 

When an album comes out during a time that connects, yet today, there are kids now that still reference it shows the staying power of this album. From that opening drum beat of 'Ten Minutes' to the guitar pick scrape on 'Holiday' it all floods back for you and someone out there feels the same hearing it for first today today. That’s pretty amazing. Here’s to 20 more The Get Up Kids and happy anniversary to an absolute classic, "Something to Write Home About."

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