Today, we welcome a legend, Conor Mullen Oberst to the podcast. No, I didn’t just add my last name to his name, that’s his actual middle name and we talk about it and no, we discussed it. We are not related. 

Mr Oberst was very gracious with his time while having some work done on his house, which you’ll hear at times during the podcast. It was an honor to discuss such life changing events as seeing Fugazi when he was 11 and the first time he heard the word emo at 16. We also chat about his feelings on the word emo and his association with it when his sound was traveling the opposite way. What I loved most about this interview was Conor’s openness. He was willing to discuss at length his history and what he’s trying to pass on as not just as a musician but as a human. We then spent time on Bright Eye’s legacy as the band turns 25 this year and what he thinks about himself and what the future holds. 

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