The Guardians learn the rules of the game. Nakoma has a side hustle. Burt’s ride gets an upgrade.

18 years after the original STORY OF SURVIVAL, a new generation is forced to grow up in the post-apocalypse. The Infected have evolved into new deadly varieties, and humanity’s efforts to reclaim our lost civilization have put us in conflict with our greatest enemy: Ourselves. Now the countdown begins as the children of the survivors work to make sense of this deadly new world before it consumes them and everything they know and love.

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Jataun Gilbert as Nicholas

Hajin Cho as Vera

Austin Trace as Alex

Brie Tilton as Lisa

Scott Marvin as Burt

Claire Dodin as Riley

Tammy Klein as Kelly

Otto Sturcke as Victor

Carol Kaufman as Mirra

Vanessa Born as Nakoma

Michael Ursu as Vincent

Skip Pipo as Alvin

Michael Swan as Narrator

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Join us on May 31, 2022 for Chapter 4, Part 2 of WE’RE ALIVE: DESCENDANTS - “Pre-Game”

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