You may think you’ve had extra virgin olive oil, but there’s a good chance you haven’t. Tune in to an informative episode of Straight, No Chaser as Katy Keiffer chats with Tom Mueller, author of “Extra Virginity”, about the process of making and distributing olive oil. Learn what makes true extra virgin olive oil so expensive and how some labels are completely misleading. Hear about the many different varieties of olive oil and find out how the range of varietals are very similar to wine. Experts and novices alike can learn something new about one of the most integral ingredients in our culinary landscape. This episode was sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

“Real extra virgin olive oil is a fresh squeezed fruit juice. It’s expensive to make, you have to take good care of the trees. Harvesting costs alone can be staggering.”

“There is no such thing as second pressed extra virgin olive oil.”

“Olive oil is a bit like wine, each varietal is completely different.”

–Tom Mueller, author of “Extra Virginity” on Straight, No Chaser