Katy Keiffer continues her investigation of the cattle industry on this week’s Straight, No Chaser with Dr. Temple Grandin. Dr. Grandin is a leading expert in animal handling and psychology, a professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University, and a best selling author. She is also well-known for her design of livestock handling facilities. Recently, Dr. Grandin worked on a film documenting and touring the inside of a beef packing facility. Tune into this episode to learn why it is important for third parties to audit meatpacking plants and slaughterhouses to ensure food safety and good animal treatment practices. Why are there so many misconceptions about animal treatment due to biological reactions to slaughter methodologies? Learn what to expect during the slaughter process, and hear Dr. Grandin give an overview of a slaughter facility in terms of equipment and animal corralling. Learn more about third party auditors, and how they ensure the safety of hospitals and other services. Don’t miss this informative episode of Straight, No Chaser! This program has been sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

“If you stress cattle with electric prods five minutes before slaughter, you get tougher meat. If you stress pigs with jamming, squealing, and electric prods five minutes before slaughter, that can make pale, watery meat. That last five minutes before slaughter is very critical because if you stress the animal during that period, you can have bad meat quality.”

Dr. Temple Grandin on Straight, No Chaser