We've been on BARBIE-watch for what seems like forever. Now we've literally watched Barbie and our lives may never be the same. We've got Margot Robbie's countrywoman (and our good pal) Maria Lewis here, so...let's go party!

What’s Good
Alonso - Sydney’s omelet
Drea - Who shat on the floor at my wedding?
Maria - Oppenheimer and the Barbenheimer vibes
Ify - pool


  1. Barbie Sets Record Best Opening for a Female Director
  2. Some Independent Films Were Given the Go-Ahead by SAG-AFTRA

Staff Picks
Alonso - The Wobblies
Drea - Lakota Nation vs. United States
Maria - Killers of the Flower Moon (the audiobook – the movie isn’t out yet!)
Ify - War Games

Maria’s latest books: 
Mockingbird Strike Out
The Graveyard Shift  (out Sept ‘23)

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Drea Clark
Alonso Duralde
Ify Nwadiwe

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Sr. Producer Laura Swisher