How much Dune is too much Dune? We're fixing to find out this March on Maximum Film! We're starting with the 1984 Lynch/Dino De Laurentiis space opera that was a theatrical flop, yet remains an enduring (cult?) classic. Then we'll pitch some outside-the-box auteur/book series pairings to fantasize about.

What’s Good
Alonso - Schmigadoon Season 2
Drea - GORP-Core and scroggin
Guy - Whenever I Call You Friend at a steakhouse
Ify - performing at Leicester Square


  1. Dune 2 Makes a Huge Debut
  2. Bootleg Willy Wonka Experience to become a literal horror movie 
  3. AMC Theaters Launching “New” Nicole Kidman Pre-Show Spots

Dune “Glossary” handed out in theaters in 1984

Staff Picks
Alonso - The Straight Story
Drea - Love Lies Bleeding
Guy - The Taste of Things
Ify - Police Academy

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Drea Clark
Alonso Duralde
Ify Nwadiwe

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