This week we take a look at Love Simon, the film Alonso Duralde and special guest Grace Baldridge want you to see multiple times so studios will continue making coming of age teen films that feature gay romantic leads. Taking a page from the film’s anonymous correspondence between “Jacque” and “Blue”, each of our panelists write their own anonymous notes and we learn some FASCINATING truths. To wit, Neil was with Oprah Winfrey the night Michael Jackson died. Lars McPatchett used to eat butter out of a container with a spoon as a kid. Zippo lettered in three sports in high school, and two of Saint John’s greatest fears are escalators and horses. Think you can figure out who each panelist’s alias is? You’ll have to listen to find out.

In news, the Chopping Mall remake won’t feature killer robots. The Justice League franchise is officially the lowest grossing DCEU film There’s a rare cut of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining which contains a previously-deleted scene.

Weekly Movie Recommendations:

Alonso - Take Me to the River Grace - Kiss Me Ricky - Killing of a Sacred Deer April - I Kill Giants

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With Alonso Duralde April Wolfe Ricky Carmona Grace Baldridge

Next week we'll be discussing Isle of Dogs with Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo of Can I Pet Your Dog.

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