IT’S MAXFUNDRIVE! To cap off the final day of the MaxFunDrive, we are introducing part two of our exclusive series, ‘The Ifechukwude Collection.’ This is a group of films curated by our very own Ify Nwadiwe. This week’s episode centers on the ultimate sports film, Space Jam. And to help us discuss this movie, we brought in “sports expert,” Carl Tart. With our esteemed guest, we dive right into the world of sports movies, athletes-turned-actors, and how Carl ended up being a Clippers fan. PLUS, we announce the FINAL FOUR NOMINEES of our naming contest!

Staff Picks:
Ify – Mr. 3000
Alonso – Looney Tunes: Back in Action
Drea – Warrior
Carl – Los Angeles Plays Itself

With Ify Nwadiwe, Drea Clark, Alonso Duralde, and Carl Tart.

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Drea Clark
Alonso Duralde
Ify Nwadiwe

Produced by Marissa Flaxbart
Sr. Producer Laura Swisher