Damien’s Wild Idea: To chase his dreams of being a professional athlete while spreading positivity everywhere he goes.

Damien LeRoy is a professional and world renowned kiteboarder, paraglider, stuntman, and athlete. Last year he had a terrifying crash where he fell over 150 feet from the air into a forest of mangrove trees and broke his leg, ribs, punctured his lung, and more. He could have easily died, but ten months later he is almost completely recovered and already back on his board. 

Damien shares his story with me and talks about what was going through his head while his lines were tangled and he began to spin out of control in the air. He also talks about his unique upbringing (dad was in James Bond movies and he was a pro skier and lived in the mountains for many years). He also shares about working on the new Baywatch movie with the Rock and Zach Efron, how his approach to kiteboarding has changed since his accident, what it is like to be a professional athlete, what he always takes on the road, and why he strives to be positive 100% of the time.

Listen to this episode if: 

  • You love adventure.
  • You want to hear a crazy story.
  • You kiteboard, ski, paraglide, or use a GoPro camera.
  • You want to know why Damien took off his clothes at the OutFound Series.
  • You saw the movie Baywatch.
  • You strive to live a life of purpose and positivity.

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