David’s Wild Idea: To optimize your health, athletic and mental performance, and sex appeal with a plant-based diet and intermittent fasting.

David has some unique ideas when it comes to nutrition, fasting, and health. He’s all about using fasting as well as an exclusively plant-based, whole foods diet to promote optimal health and performance.

David studied physiology and nutrition at Columbia University and is a registered dietician. He worked at Columbia Athletics as a strength and conditioning coach, and has been a nutrition consultant at Facebook. Most recently David is at True North Health in Santa Rosa, CA which is a supervised water fasting center, where he manages the fitness program. In addition to all of this, he also works with professional athletes on plant-based nutrition and using intermittent fasting to improve their performance.

David eats every other day, does some wild experiments when it comes to his health and nutrition, and is always pushing the envelope and testing new ways of using the fuel we put in our bodies.

Listen to this episode if: 

  • You want to try intermittent fasting
  • You are interested in water fasting
  • You’re ready to move to a plant-based diet
  • You’re interested in improving your mental and athletic performance