Gale’s Wild Idea: To share stories of women from all walks of life who are passionate about the outdoors, and encourage them to explore.

Gale Straub is the voice and creator of the popular podcast and community, She-Explores. The podcast focuses on women in the great outdoors, and tells the stories of entrepreneurs, athletes, and “ordinary” women who are “curious, inquisitive and beyond.” It’s well-edited and inspires people to spend more time outside, which I am a huge advocate of. Gale left behind the life of a CPA for a long stint on the road in the van with the boyfriend before starting the show. It was a big risk, she talks about, as well as sharing about living with your significant other in a confined space, and why she loves connecting with women in the outdoors.

Listen to this episode if: 

  • You love the outdoors, or are feeling the call to adventure.
  • You are a She-Explores listener and want to get to know the voice behind the podcast.
  • You’ve thought about quitting your job to pursue your passion and want to know how to do it.
  • You want to explore in a van or take a long road trip with your partner.
  • You want to start a podcast or just hit the road.

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