In her memoir "Dying of Politeness" the Oscar winning actor Geena_Davis talks about her roles from a housewife-turned-road warrior and an amnesiac assassin to the mother of a rodent, and the president of the United States. Plus she shares with Jessica Ceighton how she could have swapped acting for athletes and her passion for female representation.

Many of you got in touch after the journalist Merope Mills voiced her anger at her 13-year-old daughter Martha's preventable death in hospital. Jessica Creighton speaks to consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr Virginia Davies about some of the broader medical issues you raised - from feeling that doctors and other medical staff were sometimes arrogant and often weren’t listening to your concerns about patient care to whether there needs to be a change in hospital culture.

Survivors of modern slavery could be contributing to the UK economy and helping to address skills shortages, but instead are being held back by bureaucratic red tape, that’s according to a new report by Hestia the leading provider of modern slavery support in London and the Southeast.  The want for survivors to be given a temporary right to work as soon as they enter the system. We hear from a survivor "Trinny" and Alison Logier Head of Modern Slavery services about the impact this could have both for survivors and society as a whole.

What's it like to be the youngest child with large age gaps between you and your siblings? And what can parents do to help ease the difficulties that might occur?

Presenter Jessica Creighton Producer Beverley Purcell