Tanya Ednan-Laperouse and Emma Turay are two women who lost their teenage daughters due to severe allergic reactions to food they had eaten. They are calling for the government to put in a place an ‘allergy tsar’ to prevent what they say are unnecessary deaths and illnesses. They explain their demands to Hayley Hassall.

'Ejaculate Responsibly: The conversation We Need to Have about Men and Contraception' is a stirring manifesto by American writer and award winning parenting blogger Gabrielle Blair. Why, she asks, are women expected to do all the work of pregnancy prevention particularly when men are fifty times more fertile than women? That’s one of the 28 arguments in her book which show in different ways how men take little if any responsibility for unwanted pregnancies. And yet according to Gabrielle, if you boil it right down all unwanted pregnancies are caused by irresponsible ejaculations.

In a report out today the Independent Monitoring Board have found women are being sent to prison as a 'place of safety' whilst experiencing severe mental health problems. Some women were sent to prison because they had attempted suicide; some had been diagnosed with a severe mental illness and needed medication and there was no adequate community provision. Hayley Hassall is joined by the IMB's National Chair Dame Anne Owers.

An adaption of Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, the bestselling book by beloved teen author Judy Blume is coming to the big screens this week. So, we are asking - what did the book mean to you? Journalist Leila Latif joins Hayley to discuss why the coming-of-age story is still relevant today and how Judy Blume’s books guided her through her own adolescence.

Presenter: Hayley Hassall Producer: Emma Pearce