Known as ‘The People’s Club’, Everton football club has reacted quickly to the coronavirus outbreak by adapting its current community outreach programme to offer support to people across Liverpool. Jenni speaks to Everton player Simone Magill about how she is training at home and their director of Youth Engagement, Employability and Sports Development, Sue Gregory, about how the club has adapted their community to support those affected by coronavirus.

The Early Years Alliance has warned that thousands of nurseries are facing permanent closure after the government appeared to change its guidance on furloughing staff. Jenni discusses the issue with Shannon Pite, Public Affairs Director of the Early Years Alliance which represents 14,000 providers.

Over the last few weeks we've been focusing on the heightened risk to those experiencing domestic abuse in the UK during lockdown. How much is this being replicated in Europe? Jenni speaks to Natalie Higgins, Senior Europe Producer for the BBC.

In Stephanie Scott’s debut novel, a man hired to have an affair with a woman by her husband slips up when he falls deeply in love. Stephanie joins Jenni to discuss the true story behind the novel.

How to rediscover your wardrobe during lockdown. Emma Slade Edmondson is a consultant specialising in fashion, lifestyle and retail. She gives advice on how to fall in love with what’s already in your wardrobe, with tips on styling of clothing we already own for spring.

Presenter: Jenni Murray Producer: Louise Corley Editor Karen Dalziel Interviewed Guest: Simone Magill Interviewed Guest: Sue Gregory Interviewed Guest: Natalie Higgins Interviewed Guest: Stephanie Scott Interviewed Guest: Emma Slade Edmondson