We often take it for granted that cycling can make you feel a bit saddle sore. But that expectation masks the fact that many women experience real pain when cycling - due to a combination of inappropriate saddles, ill-fitting bikes and a lack of understanding by medical experts of the damage that can be done to the vulva. Now that cycling may soon be on prescription and bikes are soaring in popularity due to the pandemic, how can women ensure they have a pain-free ride? Endurance cyclist and coach Jasmijn Muller talks about what she’s learned from years of serious pain, and specialist women’s cycling physio Bianca Broadbent gives her top troubleshooting tips for everything from saddles to lubricating cream, and not wearing pants.

The Chartered Counselling Psychologist and former Great British Bake Off Finalist, Kimberley Wilson, joins Jane to discuss her time working in a women’s prison, her mission to improve brain health with simple lifestyle and nutritional tips, while still enjoying an occasional slice of cake.

Writer and performer Jackie Clune joins Jane to talk about her new novel I’m Just a Teenage Punchbag, a comic tale of menopause, grief and a disillusionment with motherhood.