Downing Street has said the Prime Minister will not be apologising for claiming that the Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer, while Director of Public Prosecutions failed to prosecute Jimmy Saville for sexual assault - a claim that is false. There have been renewed calls for Boris Johnson to retract the comments after Sir Keir was targeted yesterday by a gang of protestors near Parliament - some of whom could be heard shouting "paedophile protector". The Prime Minister has described the demonstrators' behaviour as "disgraceful". It brings to the fore the issue of MPs and their public safety. Kim Leadbeater is the sister of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox, and now represents her sister's former constituency of Batley and Spen for Labour. She speaks to Emma.

New analysis says that almost 300,000 people were unable to see a cancer specialist within two weeks of an urgent referral between April and November last year. The research, which used information from the House of Commons library and was commissioned by the Labour Party, found that more than 90,000 of those breaches were for people who may have breast cancer. As the Prime Minister promises new targets to tackle the backlog, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Now, Baroness Delyth Morgan explains what this means for breast cancer patients.

Have you ever felt like you wanted to scream from the top of your lungs? You’d be in good company. Last month, a group of Massachusetts mothers in the US decided to get all their pandemic frustrations off their chests by shouting in a group in the middle of a football field. It has inspired others women around the US to do the same. Could this craze come to the UK? Behaviour and data scientist, Professor Pragya Agarwal, decided to start screaming with her daughters during lockdown. Dr Rebecca Semmens-Wheeler explains why it might feel good but might not be the healthiest way of feeling better.

A new BBC Three documentary presented by reporter Ashley John-Baptiste explores sibling separation in the UK care system. What is the impact for a child in foster care to be separated from their sisters or brothers? Rachel Musekiwa and Keilagh Brinkley are two young women who were both separated from their siblings in care. They tell us their experiences.

A new all-female sketch show called Lazy Susan premiered this month on BBC Three and iPlayer. The series features some hilarious new characters from the comedy duo Freya Parker and Celeste Drin, alongside some of those best-loved from their stage shows. Unique and powerful women, like this pair of comedians, are taking over comedy from every direction. That's according to the Director of BBC Comedy, Shane Allen, who says: “Five years ago there were still articles asking where all the funny women were." Freya and Celeste join Emma

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