Brave Girls is a new sitcom following a dysfunctional family made up of sisters Josie and Billie and their mum Deb. It’s a fictional show exploring trauma but it's a comedy in every sense of the word. Ahead of its release on BBC Three and iPlayer next Wednesday, Anita Rani is joined by Kat Sadler, who plays Josie, and by her real life AND fictional sister Lizzie Davidson, who plays Billie.

Just over a year ago, on 28th October, 2022, we did a nursery and childcare special programme, looking at whether the system needs an overhaul. Early this year, the government announced plans to extend the government's existing offer of 30 hours free childcare to working parents of children aged 9-months to two-years-old in England. Beginning in April 2024, funding will be rolled out in stages. Prior to this, only working parents of three and four-year-olds were entitled to the free 30 hours. Now, new BBC News analysis estimates that demand for places at nurseries and childminders is likely to rise by about 15% - equivalent to more than 100,000 additional children in full-time care. Anita dicusses the issues with Neil Leitch, Chief Executive of the Early Years Alliance.

Tish Murtha is a celebrated photographer whose images of working-class life in North East England can be found in the National Portrait Gallery and Tate Britain. But in her lifetime, Murtha struggled to find work of any kind. Now her daughter, Ella, has made a film about Murtha’s life and work. Ella talks to Anita, along with Jen Corcoran, who produced the documentary.

Are you an apple? A pear? An hourglass? Or even an inverted triangle? For years women have been told to dress for their shape. But our shape doesn’t stay the same over the course of our lifetime. So, how helpful are these shapes? Anita discusses with Anna Berkeley, stylist and founder of the body mapping app, Think Shape, who believes we should actually be more interested in our proportions, and Shakaila Forbes-Bell, Fashion Psychologist and author of Big Dress Energy.

Presented by Anita Rani Producer: Louise Corley