Circo Rum Ba Ba describe themselves as an exuberant troupe of all women performers who bring extraordinary spectacle and performance into unconventional settings where it is least expected. Founder and artistic director, and Woman’s Hour listener, Marianne Grove, a trained actor explains why she went from performing in theatres into the street bringing the magic of the circus and theatre to a wider audience.

We hear from Sahraa Karimi an Afghan film director and the first female chairperson of the Afghan Film Organisation who tells us of her recent escape to Kiev in the Ukraine. What does she make of the current Taliban guidance for working women to stay at home for their own safety?

Extinction Rebellion is protesting in London for a fortnight. They've warned to expect disruption. Listener Fiona Atkinson from Kendal got in touch with us to say that she's joined the group at the age of 65 and was there on Monday. She'd due to return next week. Her email to us began by saying, "I and thousands of women will be in London on Mon 23rd August in Trafalgar Square at the start of 2 weeks of the Extinction Rebellion protest. I would love you to cover the women involved in the Climate Crisis debate/protests and focus on how it will affect our children and grandchildren.” She is joined by Marion Malcher, 66, who was arrested on Monday for lying in middle of a street with her arm in a suitcase. She was released without charge and is back at Piccadilly Circus this morning. So what is motivating older women to protest and is it effective?

Many listeners have been in touch with their concerns about the planet, especially in relation to our ‘growth-at-all costs’ economic system. One psychoanalyst called Phoebe Wieland emailed us about how she is ‘increasingly seeing clients from all walks of life who feel deep existential anxiety about the climate and ecological situation we face." Phoebe asked us to invite mental health professional Sally Weintrobe on to the programme whose new book on the psychological roots of the climate crisis has just been published. Listeners also asked us to speak to Kate Raworth who is a prominent eco-economist whose groundbreaking work Doughnut Economics has helped them find hope.

There are approximately 351,000 children with a learning disability in the UK - but an assessment and diagnosis can take years. One listener - called Lauren Gibson - is in this waiting period wants some advice. She joins us to discuss, alongside Salena Begley, the Scottish Partnership Engagement Manager at Family Fund UK.