We want to hear how Brexit is affecting your relationship, your mood and your behaviour. Do you feel more or less anxious about the future? Do you see eye to eye with others in your family - have you fallen out with close friends - or have you found yourself becoming peacemaker? Have you started to do things differently? Maybe you've had to make very different decisions about your work? Have you been doing an extra bit of shopping each week in anticipation of shortages? Perhaps you're one of the people we've heard about this week who is trying to build up a supply of medicines for yourself or a loved one? We want to hear from you. Joining Jane in the studio is conflict resolution specialist and psychotherapist, Gabrielle Rifkind. Phone lines are open from 0900 on Monday. The number to call is 03700 100 444. You can email now via the Woman's Hour Website.

Presenter: Jane Garvey
Interviewed guest: Gabrielle Rifkind, director of Oxford Process
Producer: Lucinda Montefiore