The Commons Home Affairs Committee warned that without urgent steps to address the issue of domestic violence, families and communities would be dealing with the "devastating consequences" for a generation to come. Jane hears from Yvette Cooper, Chair of the committee.

From the bald-headed white uakari to the Tapanuli orangutan - Nikki Waldron, a producer and director of BBC1 series Primates talks about capturing rarely seen species on film. We also hear from the primatologist Dr Cat Hobaiter, who is studying the gestures of chimpanzees.

How do you care for your mental health when the normal support services are no longer available? Lindsay lives in Glasgow, and for today’s Woman’s Hour Corona Diaries she talks about the difficulties of helping her mum cope with bipolar from a distance – and how she’s been dealing with her own anxiety while adapting to home schooling two young children.

Glenda Young published her debut novel, a saga called Belle of the Back Streets set in her hometown of Ryhope, aged 54. She explains why all her books are set in the same year, the influence of Coronation Street on her writing and how she stopped hiding her writing at the back of her knicker drawer.

Some people are experiencing fitful nights in lockdown, with a number of social media users reporting unusually vivid dreams. What is the science behind dreaming? Dr. Megan Crawford from the Sleep Research Unit at Strathclyde University, and the psychotherapist Lucy Beresford discuss.

Presenter: Jane Garvey
Producer: Dianne McGregor