What happens when a woman famous for talking to people, and for her razor sharp wit, is left stranded on a desert island with just herself and a hermit crab for company? Author, comedian, broadcaster and mental health campaigner Ruby Wax decided to spend 10 days completely cut off from the modern world and other humans, and you can see the results on Channel 5 in Ruby Wax : Cast Away. She joins Anita to discuss what it was like being alone on an uninhabited island near Madagascar.

In 2018 the people of Ireland voted to repeal the 8th amendment and grant women access to safe and free abortions up to 12 weeks into pregnancy. Ireland was promised ‘excellent’ abortion services but what is the reality 5 years on? On Wednesday, an independent review of abortion services was released that proposed 10 major changes to legislation. Anita is joined by Dr Deirdre Duffy, a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Lancaster University who was involved in putting together the evidence base for the review.

Currently celebrating her 30th year in business, the celebrity colourist Jo Hansford MBE has been described as the “best tinter on the planet”. She started off cutting hair in her parents’ front room and is now one of the most famous female names in the business with two salons, her own range of products, and clients who’ve included Elizabeth Hurley, Angelina Jolie and Richard Burton, not to mention she is the woman in charge of the Queen Consort’s crowning glory! Jo spoke to Nuala about her career, passion for colour - and the upcoming coronation.

Zoe Lyons is known for being funny Radio 4 comedy shows like The New Quiz and seen her on TV shows like Live at the Apollo and QI. She also hosts the BBC2 quiz show 'Lightning'. Over the last couple of years, she has kept herself busy by having (what she describes as) ‘a monumental midlife crisis’. It involved buying a sports car, splitting up with her wife and running a 100k ultra marathon…Along the way her hair also started to fall out. Thankfully Zoe has been able to see the funny side and she’s used the experience to write her stand up show ‘Bald Ambition’…which she is currently touring around the country. Zoe joins Nuala to discuss.

Presenter: Anita Rani Producer: Hanna Ward Editor: Louise Corley