After an eight month UK tour the children’s classic, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe comes to London's West End with Samantha Womack - best known for playing Ronnie in Eastenders - taking on the role of the White Witch.

Following last night's first TV debate Emma's joined by two women who will have a vote but have yet to decide whether to back the former chancellor Rishi Sunak or the foreign secretary Liz Truss. Sally Ann Marks is the chairman of the Maidstone and Weald Conservative Association and Lizzie Hacking is Deputy Chairman of the Hastings and Rye Conservative Association.

If I said the phrase ‘girly drink’ to you, what image would it conjure up? A sweet cocktail, a fizzy wine? Or would you challenge the very notion that some drinks are for women and others for men? To discuss the history of women’s consumption of alcohol and their involvement in making it, Emma is joined by the historian and writer Mallory O'Meara, whose new book is called Girly Drinks – A World History of Women and Alcohol and Melissa Cole, beer writer and author of The Ultimate Book of Craft Beer.

Plus as wedding season is upon us - some people will spend thousands on their special day. However Nell Frizzell, an author and journalist whose new novel is called Square One, had a different approach. How surprised was she that when she tweeted that she'd spent just four pounds on the fabric for her dress and her shoes cost one pound went viral.

And the woman now campaigning for rights for women to get time off work after a miscarriage after losing three babies herself..

Presenter Emma Barnett
Producer Beverley Purcell