An audio adaptation of Peter Pan with music will be launched on Christmas Eve in support of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, that will feature a host of actors - Olivia Colman, Bertie Carvel, Kenneth Branagh, Jane Horrocks, Clive Rowe, and Sharon D Clarke. She joins Jane to talk about her role as The Narrator, who in this version is Wendy’s great granddaughter.

A new study into gender stereotypes suggests that they’re still widespread in 2020 and causing life-long harm. The Fawcett Society has spent the last 18 months gathering evidence as part of their Gender Stereotype Commission and they say the problem persists in terms of parenting, education and the commercial sector. Jane talks to Sam Smethers from the Fawcett Society and to Sharon Hague from the education resources specialist Pearson which has contributed to the report and subsequently changed the teaching material if offers to schools.

How does it feel to reach the age your Mum was when she died? Jo Morris has been hearing from women who feel a clock ticking. Their stories are all different but they have one thing in common – none of them have felt able to talk about this before. They didn’t want to worry their loved ones or vocalise these dark thoughts. They describe their fears as well as the joy of ordinary life and the freedom that comes from realising that you are not your mother. Today, Claire's story.

We meet two more women from the Woman's Hour Power List: Our Planet. Judy Ling-Wong is the founder and Honorary President of the Black Environment Network, and Zarina Ahmad is a Climate Trainer at CEMVO Scotland. They've both dedicated their work to making the environmental sector a safer and more inclusive place for ethnic minority groups, and they join Jane to discuss the gains made and the work still to do.