The magic of dance with Shirley Ballas, head judge on BBC series Strictly, Curtis Pritchard, Love Island participant and professional ballroom dancer, and Theresa Buckland, Professor of Dance History at Roehampton University.

Vicky Phelan exposed a medical scandal which affected her, and over 200 other Irish women. She found out that cervical smear tests, including hers, were mistakenly given the all clear when they were in fact abnormal. Women didn't get the treatment that might have prevented, or halted cancer. Vicky who is now living with a terminal diagnosis took her case to court and she was awarded 2.5 million Euros in compensation. Her book is called Overcoming: A Memoir.

The reality of searching for part time or flexible work. How hard is it to find good jobs that make use of your skills and abilities part-time? We hear from Karen Mattison, Joint CEO of Timewise about their new research. And listener Sarah who is looking for part-time work.

The actor Lesley Manville on her role in the BBC's new Sunday night wartime drama World on Fire.

In the city of St Louis, Missouri, the number of children who’ve been killed by a gun is rising. Most of them were caught in the cross fire, doing normal things like playing outside their house. Mothers, some who’ve lost a child, marched in the City last weekend to express their anger. Reporter Siobhann Tighe met the organiser, the Reverend Traci Blackmon.

Two decades ago, a public health official exposed how contaminated blood and plasma had led to tens of thousands of impoverished villagers and hospital patients being infected with hepatitis and HIV in Henan province, China. Today that story is told in a new production called ‘The King of Hell's Palace’ at The Hampstead Theatre, London. The Chinese whistleblower, Dr Shuping Wang and playwright Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig discuss.

British-born Mauritian cook Selina Periampillai describes the diverse cuisine of Mauritius and its neighbouring islands in her first cookbook, The Island Kitchen. She Cooks the Perfect... Tuna Curry.

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