The Poor Clares of Arundel are a community of nuns. They've just released an album'Light for the World' described as 'traditional plainchant with added beats'. We hear from Sisters Leo & Sisters Aelread.

What impact is Long Covid having on women’s lives, and where are we with treatment and support?

How will the female vote impact the USA presidential elections? Melissa Milewski, a lecturer in American History at the University of Sussex and Dr Michell Chresfield Lecturer in United States History, at the University of Birmingham discuss.

The number of women sleeping rough and living in temporary accommodation has risen. Katya Adler hears from Dame Louise Casey who, as “Homelesssness Tsar”, championed the “Everyone In” policy which got rough sleepers off the street and into temporary accommodation during the height of the pandemic and Petra Salva, the head of the Rough Sleepers Unit at the charity St. Mungos.

Sister Bliss is a DJ, songwriter and electronic artist. She is perhaps best-known as a member of the British electronic band Faithless.

Victoria Wood, the Lancashire born comedian, writer, actor, stand up and singer died in 2016 having never written her own story. With access to letters, and interviews with friends and family Jasper Rees has written ‘Let’s Do it’ – The Authorized Biography of Victoria Wood.

Presenter: Jane Garvey
Producer: Dianne McGregor