The Woman’s Hour Power List 2020: Our Planet is celebrating the women making a significant contribution to the environment. Today, we’re speaking to two women who strive to spark a lifelong love of nature in others. Beccy Speight is the CEO of the RSPB, the UK’s largest conservation charity and Miranda Lowe is a curator at the Natural History Museum in London.

The High Court has ruled that children under 16 with gender dysphoria are ‘unlikely’ to be able to give informed consent to undergo treatment with puberty-blocking drugs. The case had been brought against Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust. Health Correspondent for BBC Newsnight Deborah Cohen joins Krupa to explain the judgment and its potential implications for clinical practice.

In the recent US election an estimated 90% of black women voters supported President-elect Joe Biden. And while college-educated white women further cemented their shift to Democrat support, white women overall continued to vote for President Donald Trump. We speak to Professor of Political Science, Wendy Smooth from Ohio State University about what created this divide, the significance of the women’s vote and the overall pattern of women’s political choice.

What makes an ‘evil woman’? From Eve and her original evil, to the true horrors of Myra Hindley, Professor Joanna Bourke’s new series of Gresham College lectures explore some of the women described as such – and how the bar for evil has changed over time.